Guy Davidi

An Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner, Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi released his first feature Interrupted Streams in 2010, which was followed in 2012 by the acclaimed 5 Broken Cameras, made with Palestinian co-director Emad Burnat. The film was nominated for the 2013 Best Documentary Oscar and won the 2013 International Emmy Award for Best Documentary. It won awards in more than 40 film festivals worldwide and commercially distributed worldwide. Davidi’s latest film, Mixed Feelings, is the story of Israeli director and acting teacher Amir Orian, a once-successful actor who left his blooming career to create an alternative theater in his own apartment. The first feature he has made about Israeli society and in his hometown, Tel Aviv, it plays at the Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York City on March 17.


How I Learned the Importance and Value of Anger in Art

By Guy Davidi | March 17, 2017

How I Learned the Importance and Value of Anger in Art

Oscar-nominated documentarian Guy Davidi reveals how his film about acting teacher Amir Orian shifted his views on how art and politics can intersect.