Grant Pavol

Grant Pavol is a prolific 19 year old singer-songwriter and Philadelphia native. Coming from an artistic family, Grant was constantly surrounded by music and taught himself guitar during his early teen years. Pavol started to cut his teeth in the Philly music scene around the age of 15. He attended DIY shows around the city, one of his first being a basement show which happened to be singer-songwriter Shamir first show in Philadelphia. Soon after, the two began to develop a friendship as they frequently saw each other at shows.

Currently in college, Pavol began writing confessional acoustic pop songs in his bedroom. Equal parts Elliott Smith and Nick Drake, Grant’s hushed vocals and lyrical melodies carry the sincerity of his sound. After sending Shamir demos via Facebook in the summer of 2018, the duo quickly tracked all five songs for Pavol’s debut EP Okay, the release being one of the first releases for Shamir’s label Accidental Popstar Records.

(Photo Credit: Mooj Zadie)


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Hear First: Grant Pavol’s Okay

By Grant Pavol | May 16, 2019

Hear First: Grant Pavol’s Okay

The premiere of the debut EP, plus some words on its creation from producer Shamir.