Gerald Casale

Devo founder, Gerald V. Casale, was the band’s co-principle songwriter on radio hits like “Whip It,” “Beautiful World,” “Freedom of Choice” and “Gates of Steel.” He was also largely responsible for designing Devo’s acclaimed stage shows and Dadaist costumes, including the infamous red “Energy Dome.”  A pioneering, award-winning music video and commercial director, Gerald began by directing the band’s groundbreaking videos in the ’70s and ’80s. Afterwards, he directed nearly one hundred music videos over the next decade for groups as varied as The Foo Fighters, Silverchair, Soundgarden and Mint Condition before moving on to TV spot directing on the cusp of the new millenium. Currently, Casale remains active in both music and videos, collaborating with Italy’s Phunk Investigation on a vinyl EP to be released Record Store Day 2016 and developing a Devo musical, The Beginning Was the End, a satirical, futuristic narrative set in Devo’s alternate world, Spudland and propelled by Devo’s well-known song catalog.


TOBACCO IS ADDICTIVE! Viva Sweatbox Dynasty

By Gerald Casale | August 19, 2016

TOBACCO IS ADDICTIVE! Viva Sweatbox Dynasty

Gerald Casale (Devo) thinks De-evolution is real and Thomas Fec is the messiah.