Donovan Woods

Late at night, as the world felt upside down in quarantine and when a hush fell over the house after his kids went to bed, Donovan Woods got to work on his latest album, Without People. In a makeshift recording studio at his Toronto home, the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter tracked his vocals and guitar alone and then emailed files to producer James Bunton. As Woods’ new songs took shape, backing musicians sketched out their own parts in isolation from their respective homes.For an album made so piecemeal,  Without People (out November 6 on Woods’ Meant Well label) is alive with intimacy and connection at a surreal time when we’re all in desperate need of both. So much of its allure and power is rooted in how Woods connects with his collaborators.

(Photo Credit: Maya Fuhr)


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Three Great Things: Donovan Woods

By Donovan Woods | November 6, 2020

Three Great Things: Donovan Woods

The Canadian singer-songwriter talks shoes, longs walks, and Rufus Wainwright.