Deborah Twiss

An actress, director, writer and producer, Deborah Twiss came to New York City to study acting when she was 17 and quickly got involved in also writing and producing indie films. Her first feature, A Gun for Jennifer, went to over 27 film festivals and is a European cult hit. She then produced and starred in the indie Molotov Samba. Shortly after, with her 18-month old son in a stroller and her baby girl on her chest in a Bjorn, Deborah wrote, starred in and directed In-Between, a supernatural 9/11 thriller (available to view here). She also wrote, starred in and was the supervising director on A Cry From Within starring Eric Roberts, Cathy Moriarty and James McCaffrey, to be followed by Confidence Game (as writer/director/lead actress), featuring Sean Young, James McCaffrey and Robert Clohessy. In the past couple years, Deborah has begun the dive into the exciting world of episodics and is currently in production on the supernatural thriller A Beautiful Distraction (starring Sean Young, Adrian Paul and Vivica Fox) as well as a dark comedy about the strip club world, Crazytown (featuring Robert Funaro and Eric Roberts, among many others).


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Creativity in Chaos

By Deborah Twiss | March 18, 2020

Creativity in Chaos

Actress-writer-director Deborah Twiss draws parallels between 9/11 and the present moment, and advocates for art as a way to process trauma.