Dean Fleischer-Camp

Dean Fleischer-Camp is a writer, director and New York Times bestselling author whose films have won awards at festivals all over the world. Set for release this summer, his first feature film, Fraud, received widespread critical acclaim, described as an “exhilarating”(Sight & Sound) “masterwork” (IDA/Documentary Magazine) and “an incomparable, impossible artistic feat” (Audiences Everywhere) that “pushes the boundaries of documentary” (Variety). It is now available digitally on platforms including  iTunesVudu and will be rolling out on Google Play, Amazon Video and Microsoft TV & Video. He was named one of Filmmaker Magazine‘s 25 New Faces of Independent Film and is currently directing a feature-length adaptation of his popular web series, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On starring Jenny Slate and Isabella Rossellini. Learn more about Dean at his official website.


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Making a Fictional Documentary in the Era of Fake News

By Dean Fleischer-Camp | August 23, 2018

Making a Fictional Documentary in the Era of Fake News

Dean Fleischer-Camp on the story behind his film Fraud, and what it's been like to show the film to audiences in the current climate.