Danko Jones

Danko Jones has been leading his eponymously named band through the rock and roll trenches since 1996. With nine albums under his band’s belt, he’s sung on every continent in the world except Antartica. His first book I’ve Got Something To Say was released in 2018 and his first vocal noise album Throat Funeral – OU812112 just came out this past September 2020. While in lockdown, he works on his weekly podcast The Danko Jones Podcast which he’s been doing since 2011 and listens to Judas Priest.

(Photo Credit: Linda Akerberg)


It’s called EMPATHY. Empathy for the essential workers, the frontline workers & the people who need to work amidst… https://t.co/1r8uVC89nS

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Danko Jones on Eddie Van Halen’s Hidden Musical Desires

By Danko Jones | October 19, 2020

Danko Jones on Eddie Van Halen’s Hidden Musical Desires

The singer-guitarist sees a lot beneath his hero’s musical surface.

Gig Economy: Danko Jones

By Danko Jones | October 1, 2018

Gig Economy: Danko Jones

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