Daniel Myrick

Daniel Myrick is best known for his work as director on The Blair Witch Project. Considered a seminal work in low budget filmmaking. Myrick then wrote and directed several other films, such as Solstice, starring Elisabeth Harnois, Amanda Seyfried and Shawn Ashmore; The Objective, a sci-fi/thriller shot in the rural Berber villages of Morocco starring Jonas Ball; and Under the Bed, a psychological thriller starring Hannah New, Pat Healy and Beverly D’Angelo. His latest film, Skyman, a ski-fi docudrama, is scheduled for production in the spring of 2017 and is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.


RT @MJSarraille: @danielrmyrick is most famous for horror films, especially for co-directing and writing The Blair Witch Project with Eduar…

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How to Empower Yourself and Make Your Movie Your Way

By Daniel Myrick | January 4, 2017

How to Empower Yourself and Make Your Movie Your Way

Blair Witch Project director Daniel Myrick, currently crowdfunding his next movie, on harnessing technology to win your creative freedom.