Crown Lands

After meeting six years ago and bonding over their shared love of music, Cody Bowles (they/them) and Kevin Comeau (he/him) became “instant best friends” and started jamming together in a local barn, switching up instruments, but never straying from a two-piece set-up. Making music that brings together a range of influences from folk and blues to psychedelic to prog rock, and drawing on their own intense personal chemistry, Crown Lands are a startlingly fresh jolt of energy.

The group’s name is indicative of their musical ambitions: “Crown Land” is territorial area belonging to the monarch — or, as Bowles puts it: “Crown Land is stolen land and we are reclaiming it.” Crown Lands are on a mission to represent a sense of empowerment for marginalized communities through their music and the weighty subject matter of their lyrics. “People are going to listen to you, so you may as well say something that matters,” says Comeau.

(Photo Credit: Travis Shin)


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On the Highway of Tears

By Crown Lands | August 12, 2020

On the Highway of Tears

Kevin Comeau of Crown Lands writes about the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and working with Tanya Tagaq.