Charles Gould

Charles Gould is currently starring in the dark comedy horror It Cuts Deep, which is out now in theaters and on Digital/VOD. Charles has performed stand-up on Jimmy Kimmel Live and recently released a half-hour standup special with Comedy Central. As an actor, he has appeared on Search Party and Adam Ruins Everything, and has a recurring role on the Netflix show Bonding. Currently, he’s developing a show with Comedy Central called Plan of Action where in each episode, with the help of a therapist, he tries to overcome one of his many neuroses.


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An Ode to the Comedic Character Actor

By Charles Gould | November 24, 2020

An Ode to the Comedic Character Actor

Charles Gould, currently starring in the horror-comedy It Cuts Deep, yearns for the golden age when performers like him could become A-listers.