Aron Eli Coleite

Aron Eli Coleite is the showrunner and executive producer of Daybreak, which premiered on October 24 on Netflix, starring Matthew Broderick. Aron is also the Executive Producer of Locke & Key, an adaptation of Joe Hill’s graphic novel, premiering on Netflix in 2020. Previously, Coleite worked on Season 1 of CBS’ Star Trek Discovery where he received a Saturn Award and a Hugo Nomination for his work. He got his start on the acclaimed NBC series Heroes and on the feature side, he recently adapted the iconic, best-selling graphic novel Amulet for 20th Century Fox with Temple Hill producing. (Image courtesy Netflix / Starpix.)


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Why I’m Still Reliving High School

By Aron Eli Coleite | December 16, 2019

Why I’m Still Reliving High School

Aron Eli Coleite, the comic book writer and co-creator/showrunner of Netflix's Daybreak, has some stuff to get off his chest.