Anna Gutto

Anna Gutto‘s feature film debut as writer-director, Paradise Highway, starring Juliette Binoche, Frank Grillo, Cameron Monaghan, Hala Finley and Morgan Freeman, is playing in select theaters from July 29. Anna co-directed on the successful 2019 Netflix series Home for Christmas and in 2020, Anna initiated Kids Speak Up, a project for kids and families to join the anti-racism movement. Norway-born screenwriter and director Gutto started her career in the theater, earning accolades such as “universally excellent” in The New York Times. She received her MFA in Film Directing at Columbia University, where she graduated with Honors in 2016. A U.S. green card holder, she relocated from New York to Los Angeles the same year. Her short film A Lucky Man is a Sloan Foundation winner and her short films have been playing festivals and gathering awards internationally and domestically. Mommy Heist was bought by FR3 and is currently broadcast in the Courte Libre program. Anna also directs commercials and music videos.


The Wonder of Stories Hiding in Plain Sight

By Anna Gutto | July 29, 2022

The Wonder of Stories Hiding in Plain Sight

Paradise Highway writer-director Anna Gutto on making an audience-friendly film about a topic many people want to pretend doesn’t exist.