Allisyn Snyder

Allisyn Snyder is a writer, director, producer and co-owner of Watch The Footage (WTF) Productions. She began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress at only four years old, rose to prominence in her teens in the Disney Channel shows Sonny with a Chance, alongside Demi Lovato, and So Random, and is currently appearing in the NBC sitcom AP Bio opposite Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt. In her late teens, Allisyn began writing sketches for AwesomenessTV and created YouTube personality Astrid Clover, releasing a new episode every Friday for seven years while gaining a loyal following over 350 original episodes. In 2015, Allisyn formed Watch The Footage Productions with her now-husband Dylan Snyder and began writing and producing award-winning short films such as Nasty Habits and Room 566. When not in front of or behind the camera, Allisyn enjoys ocean scuba diving and roller derby, and studies the graceful and demanding art of trapeze with her younger sister Josie. She is a prolific artist, whose dark and whimsical characters have been invited to gallery showings since she was only 15 years old.


A few of my favorite moments and stills from Jessie Paege’s latest music video #IKilledPeterPan!…

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How Spending My 18th Birthday Tied to a Chair Shaped Me as a Filmmaker

By Allisyn Snyder | November 16, 2021

How Spending My 18th Birthday Tied to a Chair Shaped Me as a Filmmaker

Allisyn Snyder traces her extremely eventful entertainment career, from child actor to Disney star to, finally, writer and director.