Gig Economy: Morgan Enos

Gig Economy is a Talkhouse series in which artists tell us about their work histories, from part-time pasts to the present tense, in order to demystify the many different paths that can lead to a career as a working musician. Here, Morgan Enos (Other Houses) talks how his career in music led him down a […]

How Livestreaming Helped Me Return to Live Music as a Parent

I was no stranger to being trapped at home prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: I’m a parent. Getting out has often been a struggle. As vaccines have become widely available, infections less deadly, and the landscape more open, the social relevance of livestreaming appears to be fading. But mine meant the world […]

Liam Gallagher: As It Was

My family unraveled and snapped back together in an unrecognizable form last year, leaving me with too many thoughts and too much energy. When things felt out of control, I’d blast some heavy metal or Hardcore History and take off running from Queens to Brooklyn. It wasn’t really the best place for a jog, but […]

The Talkies: What Were Your Favorite Talkhouse Contributors’ Favorite Records of 2016?

Welcome to the 2016 Talkies, Talkhouse Music’s year-end writers poll. We reached out to our amazing stable of contributors — all of them are, of course, musicians — and asked them to rank their ten favorite records of 2016. The results of the poll are here — and, should you need any musician-approved music suggestions going into 2017, each […]

Talkhouse Music Contributors Pick their Songs of the Summer

Now is the season of fogged-up shades, oddly shaped sunburns and songs that make us want to stay outside until the last firefly blinks to sleep. As summer dawns, we asked our contributors to choose the songs that will score those muggy days (daze?). Usually, we ask that our contributors write about music that they […]

Talkhouse Contributors Remember Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson, known to most as simply Prince, was a one-of-a-kind artist. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, he released a series of massively successful and influential albums that blended funk, new wave, blues and dance — ones that continue to shape modern pop music to this day. With his high-pitched squeals and astonishing, psychedelic […]