Video Essay: Post-Apocalypse Now

When you're on the precipice of a collapse, sometimes the most soothing thing is finding movies to show us what the end will look like ...

There are a lot of films about the apocalypse, but do they ever feel real? Do you ever feel like what you are watching could actually happen? Well, the answer used to be no. We used to pass these films off as unrealistic sci-fi entertainment. But nowadays? Now these films feel a little too real, a little too close to home. What used to seem far-fetched now feels almost inevitable. This video combines post-apocalyptic imagery from cinema with documentary footage to create something that is a little more real, a little more haunting, and a little less comfortable. It also reminds us of what is most important. Bridges can fall and cities can crumble. Bombs can drop and the sun can go dark. But even if tomorrow is no longer a promise, we will still have our humanity.

Jacob T. Swinney is a filmmaker and video essayist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is best known for his First and Final Frames series as well as a variety of videos that examine the techniques of today’s most acclaimed filmmakers. Check out more of his work here.