Tonstartssbandht’s Visual Tour Diary

A photo essay chronicling the psych rock band’s latest tour.

Day 1: Orlando, mad early, making sure the tires are good.

Philly! Finally got to FDR. Was pretty wet (puddle to the right swallowed my board thrice), and I had a few secret slick spot wipeouts. But still so damn fun, oh my god.

Me, Yves Klein-ing it, after I tried to powerslide a fs slash from below the lip and then pinched myself some front wheelbite coming back in. All good tho, I ran it out.

Andy takes in NYC’s favorite double Led Zeppelin LP.

For the third year running, Andy dons the Jokerfied visage on the final day of October.

Heading south on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a cargo ship enters the protected waters, passing over the tunnel before we enter.

Virginia Beach was prettttttty.

Caught a lil slashie in Atlanta before the show. Braves won it all later that night during our final song. Congrats, y’all.

We did just this, a few hours after the ATL gig. Headed to Mexico City for Hipnosis Festival.


Teotihuacan is amazing.

Loved the corners. Do you?

CDMX #spotcheck

OK… wish I’d brought my board. Imagine warming up here.

Dude… wow. Melllloooow.

You see a bougainvillea, you’re gonna admire it. Hats off always.

CDMX vegetation and canopy levels in certain parts of town are astounding. Our hotel was 13 miles south of here, facing east. Very concrete jungle vibes, so I was fully soaking this Roma Norte sunset in.

Crack of dawn to head to the airport, and I caught the smog slippin’ finally.

Almost forgot: Moctezuma used to get nude here and bathe multiple times a day to chill out.

Volcanoes love looming over saucer-in-the-sky Ciudad de Mexico.

This one (Citlaltépetl/Orizaba… I think?) is posted up a little further east, about halfway to Veracruz. They were like… “Mountains or the Beach?” And it was like, “Hmm …ah, both.” And Tbh — saaaaaame.

Damn, Cancun looks pretty! Our flights home from CDMX were a cascading disaster. Missed the first one to Monterrey somehow (the gate never got announced?), then they rebooked us through here, but the connection was impossible so we missed the flight to Atlanta. Got hosed on a three minute cab ride between terminals in Cancun and had to just book a night at the hotel just up the street. Caught a few hours horizontal, then right back to this ~incredibly~ punishing airport. Loved Mexico City though. Can’t wait to come back.

(Photos and captions: Edwin White)

Tonstartssbandht is the psych-rock brother duo of Edwin and Andy White. Their album Petunia is out now via Mexican Summer.

(Photo Credit: Case Mahan)