Three Great Things: Jetty Bones

Kelc Galluzzo on the stuff that’s making her happy right now.

1. Fostering Animals

There is nothing that calms my mind and melts my heart quicker than an opportunity to show compassion and affection to an animal. I live out in the middle of nowhere, so there is no shortage of wildlife around here. I grew up volunteering at the local animal shelter and never leaving a stray behind. I didn’t seek out abandoned animals during the pandemic, but they just kept finding me. I spent a lot of time learning about rehabilitation and made a handful of furry friends throughout the year.

Some of these were short experiences, like the four baby possums whose mother was hit by a car (they were still in her pouch), that I was able to take to a rescue. Others lasted longer, like my baby raccoon friend, Clarence, and a pregnant cat that I named Gemma. I got to hang out with Clarence for three months before he was successfully adopted by a family of raccoons, and Gemma had four adorable kittens (Dinky, Ruth, Butters, and Margarine) who are all doing great now! I cherish circumstances that allow me to care for others, so I’m happy the universe gifted me a way to continue doing this during the pandemic. I’ll let you know what shows up next!

2. True Crime Podcasts

I’ve always been fascinated by the psychology surrounding murder. Yeah, anyone who is interested in that knows how it sounds, myself included. The popularity of true crime podcasts assures me that I am undoubtedly not alone in this interest. I think there’s a natural curiosity surrounding the capabilities of humans that you yourself will never acquire, regardless of it being a great talent or a great atrocity, You’ll never find me wearing a Charles Manson shirt or idolizing a serial killer, but I’ll definitely be the first person to bring it up in a social setting. In fact, one of my favorite questions to ask strangers is “So, how do you feel about crime?” We listen to a lot of true crime podcasts in the van and naturally end up discussing certain cases with friends we make on the road. It’s pretty wild how listening to a podcast can alleviate feelings of isolation if the hosts sound enough like you and your friends.

3. Bonfires

I truly believe that a bonfire can support any emotional setting, in symbolism and reality. A warming community, a desire to burn it all down, a light in the dark, the soft glow of rumination, you name it and a fire can fit. Living in the country has left me with a specific nostalgic tie to this range, but that gives me all the more reason to embrace it. When I’m not on tour, I have a fire going from spring to fall until the snow freezes me out. It was a huge source of calm in the chaos last year, as it always has been for me. I think a lot of people view bonfires as solely a social gathering, but that severely underestimates the “treat yourself” power behind having one alone. A bubble bath is great and all that, but it’s hard to stare at the stars and ponder the vastness of the universe in a truly humbling fashion within the confines of your bathroom, you know?

(Photo Credit: Lindsey Burns)

Push Back is the first full-length record from Jetty Bones, the relentlessly hopeful alt-pop solo project of Ohio artist Kelc Galluzzo. Galluzzo worked alongside producer and mixer John Fields (Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus) to fully realize a set of bedroom recordings she had mapped out in 2019. The 11 songs on Push Back document Galluzzo’s wrestle between two selves: the one on stage espousing hope and love, and the one in the van after the show crying helplessly, living with depression, anxiety, impostor syndrome, and suicidal ideations. The record tracks Galluzzo’s reckoning with these two selves, willing them to meet in a permanent ceasefire where they can coexist.

(Photo Credit: Lindsey Burns)