Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Your Virtual Valentine

Rising star Brijean sets the mood with this virtual love playlist.

Meet Brijean. The band is composed of beatmaker Brijean Murphy and multi-instrumentalist and producer Doug Stuart. Murphy has a long history as a session and live percussionist with credits that include Toro Y Moi, Poolside, and U.S. Girls. After dazzling us with their 2019 debut Walkie Talkie, the duo are back with a forthcoming record titled Feelings, out Feb. 26 on Ghostly International. Be sure to check out the first single, “Day Dreaming,” and the band’s virtual love playlist below.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Something for the lovers and the lonely hearted.
—with love, Brijean

Piero Piccioni — “Easy Lovers”
Gentle and beautiful. Great to enjoy alone or with a friend. Created by a talented and prolific Italian pianist, composer, conductor.

Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso — “Baby”
A sweet trip into an enchanting Brazilian dreamscape.

Piero Umiliani — “Nostalgia”
A time traveler — into the past or future — pairs well with swirling nostalgia and quandaries of existence.

Tony Peppers — “Metropolitan”
A timestamp of heartbreak. Late-night loneliness. Early in the pandemic, I had just gotten home from a cancelled tour to an empty house. I hadn’t seen anyone in weeks. I remember watching the premiere of this song on YouTube and felt urgently moved to get out of the house in search of a familiar feeling… Even if I couldn’t see friends, enveloped by heartache, I could look at an empty and quiet city that housed memories of warmth. I got on a rental bike, thoroughly sanitized my hands, and put this song on repeat.

Kool & The Gang — “You Don’t Have to Change”
“I walked, like a zombie in the night. You came, and you brought me back to life.” Personally feeling like a bit of a zombie in month 11 of the pandemic, and this song brings me back to life. Lush synths, opening oceanic soundscapes, beautiful vocals, uplifting and laid back guitar. One of the last house parties we had, before 2020, we looped an instrumental section on vinyl for maybe 30 mins while friends freestyled over it. We got a little sauced, had tons of laughs, and the song brings back warm memories.

Dynamic Orchestration — “Walk On By”
Fuzz guitar, synths, flute, driving back up vocals. Great for dancing over a saucepan, or cuddling up and shimmying your shoulders.

Dorothy Ashby — “Come Live With Me”
Percussion and Harp. This song is so deep. Ashby made me, and millions of others, fall in love with the harp.

Laura Nyro — “Eli’s Comin'”
When I was heartbroken in college a friend sent me this song and it became my “jump on the bed, grab your air mic and get your ya yas out” anthem.

Marvin Gaye — “Distant Lover”
One of my favorite songs of all time. The emotion and vocals in the crescendo make my face wince nearly every time.

The Equatics — “Merry Go Round”
A sultry heartbreaker from the Hampton, Virginia-birthed band.

(Photo Credit, left: Jack Bool)