Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Rise and Shine with The Districts

With the release of their new album, the band shares some of their favorites.

The Districts are a rock band from Lititz, Pennsylvania. Earlier this month, they released the album Popular Manipulations on Fat Possum Records. To celebrate, the band compiled a playlist of songs to start the day with. Listen below, and be on the lookout for the band in a town near you as they begin their tour. Enjoy the playlist and the holiday weekend.
–Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Les Paul and Mary Ford — “The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise”
Despite having been one of the most influential acts in terms of guitar playing and home recording, I’ve only recently discovered Les Paul and Mary Ford’s music, and I love this song. The opening guitar line is amazing.

Devendra Banhart — “Losing My Taste for the Night Life”
I’ve always loved Devendra Banhart’s voice and music since first hearing him when I was younger. This is a really great cover of a really great Arthur Russell song.

The Spirit of the Beehive — “Snow on the Moon”
We recently toured with The Spirit of the Beehive, and they’re one of our favorite bands in Philly right now. I’m a sucker for soft vocals over loud tunes, and this jammer’s got ’em. Really good songwriting and cool recordings.

Virna Lindt — “Pillow Talk”
My fine friend Alex Beebe showed me Virna Lindt a while ago and this is my favorite song by her. Mysterious ’80s crime soundtrack vibes.

Chet Baker — “Like Someone in Love”
Chet Baker puts me in a really good mood. Most crooners remind me of my grandfather. He was always croonin’.

Art Feynman — “Party Line”
Art Feynman is actually Luke Temple, and I really love this downtempo song. Reminiscent of Arthur Russell, but definitely its own thing, too.

Wire — “The 15th”
I like Wire. This song’s great—I’m into the soft vocals over dirty tunes. Those tones are undeniably tight.

Geoff Goddard — “Come Back to Me”
This song was produced by Joe Meek, which automatically guarantees it’ll be interesting. The creepy desperation is the highlight for me. It’s a pretty low-quality mix, but the chord changes are really cool.

Mulatu Astatke — “Yègellé Tezeta”
Ethiopian Jazz is super cool, and all of these melodies are really unique. I want to write horn parts like this.

Big Thief — “Shark Smile”
Big Thief rules, and their new record Capacity is beautifully written and sonically gorgeous. This track gets me every time.

(Photo Credit: Ryan Farber)