Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Summer is Coming with Kekko

The Singaporean dream-pop duo have a ready made summer playlist for you.

Just in time for summer, we have a debut EP from Kekko, the brainchild of Singaporean dream-pop duo Tim and Cherie Kekko. Dreaming Life — the four-track EP of laid-back, shimmering tracks — is officially out today via Spirit Goth. To celebrate the release, the band handpicked some summer favorites they’ve been listening to recently. You might recognize some of their picks as Talkhouse favorites. Enjoy!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Babe Rainbow — “Peace Blossom Boogy”
Tim: I absolutely love Babe Rainbow. It’s, to me, one of the perfect summer sunshine bands. “Peace Blossom Boogy “can definitely soundtrack any picnic of mine — but make sure you bring the ice cold beers!

Surprise Chef — “All News Is Good News”
Tim: Just found this amazingly talented band that borrows the ’70s jazz-funk soul and makes it their own. The whole album is a treat from start to finish, peppered with little moments that make me smile to myself.

Sun Ra — “Tapestry From An Asteroid”
Tim: Truly wished I had the chance to see Sun Ra perform before he passed. This is my fave by him despite being one of his simpler songs. But it goes to show that beauty can be simple too.

Loving — “Visions”
Tim: I have a soft spot for his vocals and that sweet AF Wurlitzer. I would recommend listening to this while watching the sun set over the horizon while you’re lying on a deserted beach somewhere.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard — “If Not Now, Then When?”
Tim: Probably THE most prolific psych band out there. Each album is a whirlwind journey that can take you places. I picked this one song out of the hundreds I could have chosen just because I can almost taste the sweat from the hot mid-day sunrays beating down onto my already sunburnt face.

Demis Roussos — “Forever and Ever”
Cherie: Just a classic tune that I wanna run in the fields to. I also love Demis Roussoss’ voice so much — it stirs up something within me which I can’t quite explain.

F.R. David — “Words Don’t Come Easy”
Cherie: This song brings me right back to my childhood, I haven’t heard it in years but it incidentally came on shuffle in a playlist I was listening to just the other week while I was out for a run. It instantaneously felt like the skies had opened up, and all was good in the world, even if just for the blip of a moment.

Sam Evian — “Next To You (feat. Kazu Makino)”
Cherie: The lyrics to this touch me on a deep level. To summarize: We live in a fucked up world, and everything is all messed up. We can’t fight the world’s battles, but maybe sometimes all we really need is to be next to that special person we love.

Luke Temple — “Empty Promises”
Cherie: I honestly don’t know much about Luke Temple, but I really dig this song and how it evokes some sweet hints of Stereolab, which I love.

Hailu Mergia — “Lala Belu”
Cherie: This song makes me smile.

(Photo Credit, left: Jared Razel)