Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Musical Crushes and More from Alex Napping

A playlist to get you up and dancing this weekend.

Fresh off their SXSW adventures earlier this year, Alex Napping is back with their second full-length album Mise En Place out today on Father/Daughter Records. Ahead of the album release, we asked Alex Cohen to create a weekend playlist for our readers. She did, and it’s a special one. In Alex’s words, it’s: “A Playlist of Women That Make Me Want To Drop Everything I’m Doing And Dance.”
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

BEA1991 – “Filthy Believer”
The first time I heard this song I probably listened to it like 30 times that day. The chorus is crazy to me. It has this quarter note horn part that feels SO BIG and so creepy. I love it so much.

Tei Shi – “Say You Do”
A truly perfect melding of old & new sounds off of what I think will be one of the best of pop albums of 2017.

Abra – “VEGAS”
It was hard for me to pick just one Abra song but this one just makes me want to move my body the most. The bass & synth sounds are A+.

Chairlift – “Show U Off”
When I gave the last Chairlift album, Moth, my first listen this was THE SONG that stuck out to me most. I couldn’t make it through the album all of the way I just had to stop and listen to this one 4 or 5 more times before I could get to the next track, it’s just so good. Caroline Polachek is also my musical/artistic idol.

Empress Of – “Need Myself”
She is one of the best producers right now. I heard this song during a time when I was completely redefining my musical identity and actualizing what I was capable of as a singular musician and this song became a sort of mantra for me. It is also a banger.

Kelela – “Rewind”
Kelela is a queen. This song has such a catchy chorus I feel like it gets stuck in my head at least once a week. I am so excited about what she does next.

Jessy Lanza – “Oh No”
I have such a musical crush on Jessy. I dream about one day getting the chance to make a record like ‘Oh No.’

Jay Som – “Baybee”
Another musical crush of mine and it’s so refreshing to hear an “indie rock” tune that also has good dance sensibilities amidst a sea of head-bangers.

Laura Groves – “Dream Story”
This song is a chill groover. I love the vocal arrangements and she has some of the coolest vibrato in her voice.

Pixx – “I Bow Down”
I am so excited for this whole record to come out. One of my favorite music videos of the year so far, also.

Solange – “Mad”
The groove on this song is SO tight and Solange is an angel from a planet that is superior to ours and we don’t deserve her.

(Photo Credit: Helmut.Studio)