Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Medicinal Music from Mint Field

Fresh off the release of their new album, the dream-pop band shares the soundscapes they've been listening to this year.

A few weeks back we had Rey Pila create a “Guide to the Mexican Indie Scene” Talkhouse playlist. One of the bands they featured is Mint Field, who bring their hazy, dream-pop sounds to today’s playlist. Take a listen to which tracks made the list for their soundtrack of 2020. Mint Field also have a new album, their second, titled Sentimiento Mundial, out now via Felte Records. Enjoy!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

We have been in lockdown now for a few months. This is something new for most of us, and it certainly has been a challenge for us all. A few weeks into lockdown, we really started to value more certain songs that had specific moods or soundscapes, that served almost as medicine for us. These are some of the songs we are repeatedly listening to from our homes; the musical recommendations from Mint Field to everyone who wants to listen. The first four recommendations are from Estrella del Sol (guitar/vocals), the next four are from Sebastian Neyra (bass) and the last four are from Callum Brown (drums). Hope you enjoy!

Estrella del Sol:
Sam Gendel — “Pure Imagination (Lo Fi)”
A recent discovery, but the amazing and very talented Sam Gendel creates music to relax and to trip to with very interesting textures and electronic elements that are really cohesive to a classic jazz sound. Music that I can listen to for hours and hours and every time I manage to discover different textures.

Cindy Lee — “The Limit”
This Cindy Lee album really felt close to me during these times in the way the sounds develop. It is very intimate and melancholic. Almost as if it was made in Cindy Lee’s bedroom.

Grouper — “Alien Observer”
During these times, I felt like I needed music to relax and kind of float to. This song in particular gave me this. It is like a wave from the ocean.

Yves Tumor — “Medicine Burn”
I think Yves Tumor released the best album of 2020 and have been listening to it almost every day. He gave me the energy and excitement that we did not have these past months because of being in lockdown. I really love all the sounds and the collaborations with vocals arrangements.

Sebastian Neyra:
Cosey Fanni Tutti, CoH — “mad”
I’ve been listening also to a lot of Chris and Cosey, but having recently discovered their work with Nik Void really opened up a new door for me. It is nice to listen to this when you want something different and a bit more futuristic. It really transports you elsewhere.

The Zombies — “Hung Up On a Dream”
The lyrics say it all. We’ve been listening to different moods and eras throughout lockdown, and I have to confess we had several weeks were we listened to music from the ’60s. The Zombies truly made blissful music for their era. They were great arrangers and composers.

Massive Attack — “Sly”
We’ve been really spinning this record, Protection, compulsively around the house. I love the ambient/trip-hop mood that was booming throughout the ’90s, specifically in this track and the title track. It has amazing rhythmic work and the vocals from Nicolette are superb. I love the hypnotic ending on this one.

Miles Davis — “He Loved Him Madly”
Lockdown gave us enough time for us to wander about and listen to more experimental stuff. We had several days when we listened to this as we did other things at home and I really got to appreciate the slow dynamic of this song. It is truly a gem. I always discover something new and unique in the song.

Callum Brown:
Mariah — “Shinzo No Tobira”
Early Synth-Pop from Japan and way ahead of its time; beautiful and enchanting. A song to lose yourself in and connect with some nature.

Duster — “Travelogue”
Lo-Fi, dreamy, and hypnotic, this song has such a warmth and otherworldly quality. The perfect soundtrack for travels and lone ventures.

The Cleaners from Venus — “Only A Shadow”
I’ve had Midnight Cleaners on heavy rotation but this one seems to get stuck in my head. It’s just a great pop song.

Country Teasers — “Golden Apples”
The guitar riff is so hypnotic, or “sticky” as Sebastian would say! It repeats throughout the song but never seems to overstay its welcome. Monotonous, but perfect for monotonous days.

(Photo Credit: Miranda Rosales)