Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Reliving the Hits with Envy on the Coast

Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne share some of their favorite tracks in this East vs. West Coast playlist.

You’re not dreaming: Today is Friday. The weekend has arrived, and along with it, another edition of the Talkhouse Weekend Playlist. Envy on the Coast recently announced their reunion after breaking up in 2010—and a new EP, Ritual, out June 30 on Equal Vision Records. To celebrate, the band’s guitarist, Brian Byrne, and vocalist, Ryan Hunter, created an East vs. West Coast playlist. You can listen to a brand-new Envy song here and preorder the EP here. Enjoy the music and the weekend.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Brian’s East Coast:

Ryan Adams – “So Alive” (Live on Letterman)
Although Ryan Adams was born in North Carolina, he’s an adopted New Yorker—partly because of his bratty attitude, and partly because of his ill-timed music video for “New York, New York,” which was shot days before 9/11. This song was a huge part of my early 20s—I didn’t realize most people hated this record (even Ryan Adams himself has distanced himself from it). Whatever. This tune rips, and his Letterman performance is in my “Top 10” of all time.

Eddie Money – “Take Me Home Tonight”
It doesn’t get more Long Island than Eddie Money (except for fucking Billy Joel). I just imagine hordes of yuppies doing lines of coke and collectively screaming the lyrics to this song in some long forgotten one word–named ’80s club. The saxophone solo. I mean, Jesus Christ. It sounds like he’s having an orgasm.

Interpol – “Obstacle 1”
I was so far removed from the early ’00s NYC music scene that I might as well have been in Edmonton. I didn’t realize the gravity this band created in New York music until way after the fact. At first, this tune sounded like a shameless Joy Division imitation to me, but it has such an unbelievable charm and attitude. I heard this song is about his dog. That’s so New York, it’s actually sort of sad.

Sonic Youth – “100%”
I, like many of my contemporaries, have at one point or another pretended to like Sonic Youth to make myself seem cooler or more interesting. I wanted the T-shirt. Truthfully, this is one of about two Sonic Youth songs that I like. But I really fucking love this song—the hip wardrobe; the “I can’t play guitar so here’s some feedback” guitars. This song sounds like the art school kids finally decided to give in and just write a hook.

Ryan’s East Coast:

Nas – “N.Y. State of Mind”
I drove over the George Washington bridge listening to this song when I left NY for LA three years ago. When I’m homesick, this is the album I reach for.

Notorious B.I.G. – “Gimme the Loot”
If they made a musical out of the era of East New York that my father grew up in, this would be the main theme.

Beastie Boys – “Ch-Check It Out” (Live on Letterman)
They’re literally rapping their way through Manhattan. I miss them so much. Ran into Mix Master Mike at Home Depot a few weeks ago and nearly cried.

Brian’s West Coast:

Tool – “Ænema”
I always loved the disdain Tool showed for LA in this song. They’re a very atypical LA band in the sense that they were always at the fringes of a lot of different scenes and never subscribed to any of the aesthetics that were typical of that time period. Besides the fact that the video scared the shit out of me when I was younger, I always thought it was so cool that, lyrically, they were inviting a giant wall of water to take Los Angeles off the map.

Hole – “Malibu”
For the most part, when I used to think of Hole, I thought of them as a byproduct of Courtney Love—and I thought of her as a hanger-on of more talented rock stars of the ’90s. This tune changed my mind about her. It’s super hooky—sort of embracing of the glossier, vapid side of Southern California culture.

Vince Staples – “Señorita”
The realest rapper alive. Not that I’m an authority on that subject, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so captivated by a persona in the rap world. This tune embodies everything I love about him. All the swagger. All the chops.

Earl Sweatshirt – “Grief”
I wrote Odd Future off as music for hypebeasts and teenagers with half-grown mustaches. Then I heard a random Earl Sweatshirt song with Vince Staples on the track, and was super impressed by the wooly, cloudy production. It sounded like musical Xanax, or something. This track was in heavy rotation for me for a long time.

Ryan’s West Coast:

Blake Mills – “It’ll All Work Out”
I’m glad Mills grew up in Santa Monica, because it gives me an excuse to put him on this playlist. Aside from being the most incredible living guitarist, I’m obsessed with his production, and everything he touches is gold.

HAIM – “Right Now”
Three girls from the Valley in a rock band. Also, some young gun who’s also from the Valley directed this video, Paul Thomas Anderson. He looks like he’s got some skillz. He could really do something someday.

Descendents – “When I Get Old”
Just four badass old guys from LA singing a punk song about getting old.

Neil Young – “Out On The Weekend”
Yeah, yeah, I know he’s Canadian, but he lived in Laurel Canyon with Joni Mitchell, and listening to this song while driving down Pacific Coast Highway is equally as Californian as getting your medicinal weed card or trying to sell your script at Intelligentsia.

(Photo Credit: Marwan Shouser)