Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Adam Olenius Chills You Out with His Latest Musical Discoveries

The Shout Out Louds frontman and songwriter celebrates his new solo EP with this new playlist.

Today’s Talkhouse Weekend Playlist comes to us from the lead singer and songwriter of Shout Out Louds, Adam Olenius. This playlist is heavy on chilled-out synthy summer vibes, with slowed-down new wave from bands like OMD and China Crisis, while also getting into quiet nighttime folk territory with the Amazing and JJ Cale. Take a listen, and check out Adam’s new solo EP Looking Forward to the New Me.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Hall & Oates — “When The Morning Comes”
So sad and smooth at the same time. I’m a sucker for simple nice melodies and this one is one of my favorites.

Los Porcos — “Fuckin’ a Jones”
My latest discovery. Love their slow disco.

OMD — “Souvenir”
Very laid back for OMD. I like how this almost sounds like karaoke. Everything has its place in this song. It never gets boring.

Javier Bergia — “Midnight Round Mekines”
My favorite track at the moment. Love his voice. The perfect mix of southern California and Spain. Dire Straits meets Julio Inglesias.

China Crisis — “Red Sails”
A great song I discovered a few years ago. Sounds like a holiday. Could almost be the commercial song for the ocean.
His voice almost sounds like a dolphin singing.

The Amazing — “Circles”
One of Sweden’s best. I guess this has more of a November feel rather than summer but its so good not to mention. Very Red House Painters.

J.J Cale — “After Midnight”
Listened to this song a lot when I was living in Melbourne for a while. You feel very old and very young at the same time listening to this song. Can’t really explain why.

Pure X — “Valley of Tears”
A friend of mine from Denmark told me about this band. Love their sound. It has a smooth krautrock vibe that I like.

Todd Rundgren — “Can We Still Be Friends?”
Love Todd. His music and style influenced me a lot. It’s so innocent.

Tussilago — “Lovesong #1”
Great band from my hometown. So chilled and so nice. Lazy summer vibe.