Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: A Recipe for a Daydream

The Brazilian artist Winter shares a dreamy playlist ahead of her debut record.

It feels like 2020 needs a big dose of escapism. We need art to distract us from the news, to entertain us while we wait inside, and to help us heal. Rising dream-pop artist Winter has brought the right ingredients to the table. Her debut album, Endless Space, is a melting pot of dream pop, psychedelia, and shoegaze. The record is due later this summer on Bar/None records. However, for today, Winter has this recipe for a daydream. Bon Appétit.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

I love a solid daydream sesh! So much of my inspiration for Winter comes from lying down and listening to dreamy music in my bedroom. I would highly recommend a disco ball or some sort of colorful lighting if it’s indoors, or a nice patch of grass or sand if it’s outdoors. Tinted sunglasses take it to the next level. What makes a song good for daydreaming? Hmmm it needs to make you feel like a teenager in love or the feel the love low of the morning after an all nighter hanging with your friends. It needs to make you feel like you’re in a ’90s movie driving through saturated colored lights in slow-motion. It’s pure catharsis; when you ask yourself the most existential questions like ”What is life? What is love? How is this flower so perfect?…” If it were a recipe I would put in a cup of nostalgia, another half cup of beautiful sounds, a tablespoon of innocence and a teaspoon of sadness. Here are the songs that melt my heart away into daydream land.

—Samira Winter

Hatchie — “Sure”
I still cry every time I listen to this song. It’s the perfect combination of dream + pop. It takes me back to dancing on my bed in middle school days pretending I was in a music video and singing along to pop songs like “Why Can’t I Breathe” by Liz Phair and “Dreams” by The Cranberries.

ivy — “Decay”
This song is my favorite kind of sad. Like I’m having to say goodbye to my best friend because I’m moving away, or when you know things are changing for the better but it’s still hard to say goodbye.

The Sundays — “Here’s Where the Story Ends”
Just turn this up really loud and dance!

Erasmo Carlos — “Vida Antiga”
This one is best with yellow tinted shades. The song literally talks about the “old life” you used to live. That plus some soft singing in Portuguese makes me nostalgic of a time and life I’ve never lived.

Yo La Tengo — “Shadows”
A very important characteristic of daydreaming is that you usually do it alone. Nothing like some good ol’ Yo La Tengo to get deep in there and connect with your deepest darkest self. I suggest turning off all the lights for this one.

Gold Celeste — “Time of Your Life”
Definitely one of my favorite songs ever and a huge influence on my upcoming record (like there’s songs I wouldn’t have written if I hadn’t heard this song). You can just feel a sunset on the horizon and the tingle that anything could happen… aaah.

Alvvays — “Party Police”
Fuck, this song. I can’t even handle it.

Ringo Deathstarr — “Kaleidoscope”
This song is a shoegaze romance anthem. Star projector, sparkle blue jazzmaster and an all black outfit are a must. “Can you show me colors that no one knows…” Come onnnn! Breaks my heart in the best possible way.

Shower Curtain — “All That You Do”
No one best to write a dreamy love song than your baby sister. This song immediately puts me into daydream mode. I just close my eyes and remember the feeling of falling in love when I was 19.

Beach House — “Saltwater”
Love you all the time, even though you’re not mine.

(Photo Credit, left: Angel Aura)