Talkhouse Playlist: Jaymay’s Holiday Traditions

Find out how Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" inspired her to write her own Christmas album.

In 2016, singer-songwriter Jaymay broke a five-year silence to bring us To Tell the Truth, an album inspired by chronic sickness, loss and much more. As she states in the playlist introduction, her love for holiday memories also inspired her to release her own Christmas album, Fallin’ Like Snow. Check out her playlist below!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Christmas tree decorating has always been a very big deal in my family. When I was a kid, my four siblings and I would untangle strands of lights for hours. There would always be a bulb that didn’t work, and someone would have to find a replacement. We would drink homemade eggnog and listen to the same Christmas albums on repeat, never growing bored. One year, all the Seerman kids got the chicken pox except for me, and I was so proud to have the responsibility of hanging all the fancy glass ornaments.

I’m soon to be 36 years old and I still cherish this tradition more than ever. Last year, when I moved to Los Angeles for a bit, I had the good fortune of witnessing a one-man show about the life of Irving Berlin. His famous song “White Christmas” was supposedly written in Beverly Hills, and it inspired me to record a 26-song holiday digital advent calendar in Venice Beach, California. Unlike Mr. Berlin, I did not pen a bestselling song; however I most certainly followed in his footsteps by gazing at palm trees while singing about snow.