Talkhouse Playlist: Fatal Jamz’ Tribute to Los Angeles

Featuring brutal power pop and front man Marion Belle's favorite singer.

Fatal Jamz, fronted by LA-based cult star Marion Belle, released their latest album earlier this year. Equal parts glam and new wave, Coverboy‘s anthemic rock pays tribute to Belle’s front man status. To celebrate Coverboy’s release, Belle made today’s eclectic playlist, with tracks from his past and some inspirational rockers.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Jane’s Addiction – “Jane Says”

The song my babysitter played taking me home from summer camp. Her shirt was wet, her nipples erect. I can still taste her Parliament kiss.

Guns ‘n Roses – “Patience”

The MTV generation’s “Wild Horses.”  Axl + Erin Everly = red leather, torn jeans, Las Vegas highways forever. My first performance in Los Angeles was upstairs at The Rainbow. After cancelling a second gig, promoter promises: “You’ll never play in this town again.”

Tupac Shakur – “Can U Get Away?”

Rap songs never make you cry anymore. This one does. There’s no one else who can touch his serenading; his content and flow are unparalleled. RIP dead poets & fools.

Arthur Lee – “Five String Serenade”

Once and for all times the prince of LA. He lives in a Moroccan lair above Los Feliz. I hike there to pay respect. Dream on how he wrote and played the way he did. Mazzy Star covered this.

George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1 (LP)

My favorite singer of all time. Recorded in London but inseparable from LA. The title is decades ahead of the world. His Versace-blues, pain inflicted by a media and culture he had to hide his nature from. Arrested in Beverly Hills for lewd conduct. I love you boy.

Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”

Malibu. No comment.

Stiv Bators – “Make up Your Mind”

Stiv is a louche sexpot with a feverish heart. The breakup of many bands and many plans couldn’t stop his music from raining down. This is brutal, rare power-pop recorded on a basketball court. He couldn’t sound like anyone else.

Iggy Pop – “Sell Your Love”

Left for dead on the LA streets, he pawned his cheetah print and his North Beach leather, groupies kept him alive. When you’re born with the scarlet letter, sometimes it’s best to be for $ale.

Tim Buckley – “Phantasmagoria in Two”

The title I’ve heard refers to the time signature the song is written in. I love his haunted falsetto and his writing on this record most of all. Many songs seem about the son he never knew.

Paula Abdul – “Rush, Rush”

Sometimes I need this song in my life like I need the ocean breeze. Who decides which songs go into the golden CD they shoot into space for aliens to find? Do the lyrics have to sum up our plight? Or just take us to some special place where Keanu is always young and freshly shaved?

(Photo credit: Abigail Briley Bean)