Vimeo Staff Pick Mixtape: Ben Sinclair

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vimeo's Staff Pick program, High Maintenance's creator-star chooses his favorite work on the platform.

Started in 2008, Vimeo’s Staff Pick program celebrates and awards creators who have challenged the status quo and ushered in a new vision for what video can do. Hand-selected by Vimeo’s curation team, the Staff Pick designation is a badge of honor for the creative community on Vimeo and spotlights the best short films on the internet. Generation Vimeo, Staff Pick’s 15-year anniversary campaign, invited 15 members of the Staff Picks community to curate video playlists, called Staff Pick Mixtapes, of their favorite Staff Picked Films – offering a special glimpse into the perspective of a community that celebrates the impact of boundary-pushing work and the power of video to inspire and enhance storytelling. In the first of three Staff Pick Mixtapes being shared exclusively on Talkhouse, High Maintenance creator-star Ben Sinclair shares six favorites from the back catalogue.

David by Zach Woods
Zach Woods’ masterclass in restraint – a pièce de résistance, if you will — of directing mega-talent in just two locations, and distilling their gifts down to their most authentic portrayals of dark emotions to a wildly comedic effect. Plus the best cover of Shania Twain I’ve ever heard.


Rachel by Andrew DeYoung
I’ve enjoyed everything that John, Kate, and director Andy DeYoung create — but for some reason this one gets me, and not just because of the tense set-up. There’s a sincerity to this party, laughing and joy that feels very real, and a sort of bottled magic that seems authentic and lived in.


That One Day by Crystal Moselle
The intimacy of Crystal Moselle’s camera work with a skateboard in Manhattan was the fully realized version of what we attempted with a bike in Brooklyn. The movement is nothing short of poetry.


How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps by Benjamin Berman
Ben Berman is a self-starter supreme. Starring my dear friends Britt Lower and Beck Bennett, who commits heavily 😉 And I’m blown away by the planning that this whole shoot involved. Sincere focus on a consistent voice over a long shoot — something all creatives could learn from.


Caroline by Logan George and Celine Held
I love Logan and Celine for how much they can do with so little. The tension skyrockets through the roof, and a feel for every character in the piece, flaws and all. They build tension in just a few minutes more than most movies do in over an hour.


Collective: Unconscious – a collection of shorts compiled by The Eyeslicer
I love the spirit of these shorts — to unite talent around the universality of dreams. Some of these shorts have been expanded into larger works; but more than anything, I love anything that brings an artistic community together.

Ben Sinclair, a multi-hyphenate creative force behind High Maintenance, started releasing shorts on Vimeo, which turned into Vimeo’s first On Demand series. Since High Maintenance’s HBO run, Ben has directed, executive produced, and acted in series such as FXX’s Dave, Peacock’s Pokerface and The Resort, and Hulu’s upcoming Interior Chinatown. (Photo by Krista Schlueter.)