Philip Selway (Radiohead) Talks with Ghostpoet for The Talkhouse Music Podcast (Part 1)

Radiohead's Philip Selway talks with Ghostpoet about collaboration, creative process and critics, and concludes "We've got similarly wired brains."

In this episode of The Talkhouse Music Podcast, Philip Selway (Radiohead drummer and outstanding solo artist) has a really lovely conversation with one of his favorite new musicians, Ghostpoet, who weds vivid poetry with flowing grooves. (Offstage, he’s Obaro Ejimiwe, and he happens to be a big Radiohead fan.)

The two had never met before, but you can hear them hit it off as they get deep into their processes in a candid and insightful way and get to places that only two musicians can get.

Selway has some great reminiscences about the dawning days of Radiohead, and Ejimiwe has some great reminiscences about the dawning days of Ghostpoet. They also talk about music theory vs. intuition, collaboration, self-doubt, the dangers and benefits of reading your own press, and much more. Although they make very different kinds of music, by the end, Selway declares, “We’ve got similarly wired brains.”

Listen to Part Two of The Talkhouse Music Podcast with Philip Selway and Ghostpoet here.

Philip Selway is a member of Radiohead, and his most recent solo album, Weatherhouse, is available now. He is currently on tour this summer. Tour dates and more information are available at his website here, and you can follow him on Twitter here.


Mercury Prize-nominated for his 2011 debut album, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, Ghostpoet — London born and bred Obaro Ejimiwe — has recently released his third album, Shedding Skin.  The album features guest vocals from the likes of Lucy Rose, Nadine Shah and Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith. You can follow him on Twitter here and visit his website here.