Matthew E. White Talks with Matthew Vasquez (Delta Spirit) for The Talkhouse Music Podcast

In the Talkhouse Music Podcast, songwriter Matthew E. White and Delta Spirit singer Matt Vasquez go deep into the current musical climate.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Matthew E. White and Delta Spirit lead singer Matt Vasquez had never met before they recorded this Talkhouse Music Podcast, but they just fell right into a great conversation, and they covered a whole lot of ground: their paths into a career in music, the new music industry, the future of music, why they are musicians and why and how they do what they do, and who is the greatest American rock & roll band.

Matthew E. White is a singer-songwriter and producer. His new album,
Fresh Blood, is available now through Domino Records. You can follow him on Twitter here.


Matthew Vasquez is a songwriter, singer and producer. He is the frontman for Delta Spirit. You can follow Delta Spirit on Twitter here.
(Photo credit: Krist Ahumada)