Peter Shapiro & Michael Hann

Welcome to a bonus episode of That’s How I Remember It. This episode was recorded live at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn the first night of the Hold Steady’s annual Massive Nights celebration in November 2023. The first guest is Peter Shapiro, stellar music promoter, owner of the Brooklyn Bowls, former owner of The Wetlands music club, the list goes on. We talked about his philosophies about multi-night events, leaving early, playing zone defense and his first show at Wetlands. After Pete, we visited with Michael Hann, a music writer based in the UK who authored The Gospel of The Hold Steady book that came out in 2023. Michael is a longtime friend and fan of the band and we spoke of surprises in the book, favorite THS shows, first meetings, etc. Throughout it all I check in with my bandmates in THS to hear their recollections of 2023, our 20th year as a band. This was a great event, and it’s a lot of fun to revisit it on the eve of the THS Weekender 2024 shows in London this weekend.

That’s How I Remember It is a podcast that examines the connection between memory and creativity. Each episode will feature a discussion between Craig Finn and one creator — a musician, author, filmmaker, etc. — about the role that memory plays in their art. These conversations will reveal the different ways each creator synthesizes their remembered life experiences to tell stories about themselves and the world we live in. This podcast is not a nostalgia trip, but rather an exciting conversation about storytelling, process, and the desire to create art that reflects the world the artist has experienced. That’s How I Remember It is co-produced and distributed by Talkhouse.

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