James Marsh (The Theory of Everything) Talks with Laura Poitras (CITIZENFOUR) for The Talkhouse Film Podcast

Marsh and Poitras, two of the most brilliant non-fiction filmmakers of their generation, discuss the latter's incendiary Edward Snowden documentary.

On this week’s episode of the Talkhouse Film podcast, James Marsh — the Oscar-winning director of Man on Wire and a regular Talkhouse Film contributor — sits down with Laura Poitras to discuss her gripping and revelatory Edward Snowden doc, CITIZENFOUR. For more filmmakers talking film and TV, visit Talkhouse Film at talkhouse.com/film.

The music featured in the podcast is as follows:
1. Intro / outro underscore: “Plastic Man vs. The Giant Red Phase Of The Sun” – Iced Ink
2. “Ghosts I”– Nine Inch Nails (from CITIZENFOUR)
3. “Ghosts III”– Nine Inch Nails (from CITIZENFOUR)

Episode engineered and edited by Elia Einhorn

James Marsh is an English director best known for his 2008 film, Man on Wire, which won many awards including the Oscar for Best Documentary. His other notable non-fiction credits include Wisconsin Death Trip (1999) and Project Nim (2011). Marsh also directs fiction films, including The King (2005), starring Gael Garcia Bernal; Red Riding: 1980 (2009), the second part of the Red Riding trilogy; and Shadow Dancer (2012), with Clive Owen and Gillian Anderson.