Introducing: Number One Popstar’s “I Hate Running”

A new music video, plus a pep talk from singer/director Kate Hollowell.

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This is the concept behind my new music video, “I Hate Running.”  A narcissistic, quasi-fitness,  wellness cult-guru who promises to help you change your life and free you from your pathetic self. Inspired by the plethora of cult documentaries I binged during quarantine, I purchased 37 packs of fake cigarettes, rented a cherry red corvette and got to work.

I transformed into a flawed cult leader, encouraging my followers to do things that were actually, quite bad for them. We all want to be a part of something and feel like we are trying to better ourselves, but too often we take drastic, dangerous and outright foolish measures to implement positive change in our lives.  

When I was writing “I Hate Running,” it was easy to envision an ‘80s workout instructor as the visual guide of the music video. I wanted to challenge that vision and create a semi-religious atmosphere where, instead of doing aerobics, I’m ruining my lungs by constantly smoking inside of a church and scamming everyone with my self help book.  

Quarantine forced us all to pause and look at ourselves, and many of us didn’t like what we saw. I heard a lot of friends say, “I’m doing the hard deep emotional work right now.” This song is kind of a play on that hamster wheel we find ourselves in, constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves, while simultaneously hating where we are. I was doing a workshop called “Shadow” where I literally had to ask friends to list the worst, most self sabotaging things I’ve done. FUN!!  In some ways, it’s good to face those things. But, it’s also great to keep in mind that, as the song says, nothing matters, we’re all going to die. 

— Kate Hollowell

(Photo Credit: Kate Hollowell)

Name your new music project Number One Popstar and you’re destined for failure. That’s the idea behind Kate Hollowell‘s solo project, a strange new blend of pop with a hint of comedy and an undeniably danceable sound. Hollowell is also the lead singer of irreverent LA punk band Slut Island, and has directed music videos for various artists, including SASAMI and Katy Perry.

(Photo Credit: Kate Hollowell)