Introducing: Geoffroy’s “The Fear of Falling Apart”

A music video premiere, plus some words on its production from the artist himself.

The year after my mom passed, I went through all the old VHS footage we had in the house. It was a lot of stuff I had never even seen before. I was glad to have a purpose, a reason to go through all those memories — I was building a music video in my head. This being one of the most personal songs on the record, the video had to match. I knew I could trust my friend Kyle Smith to direct and edit this with me. He’s way up there on that emotional intelligence spectrum.

We shot some extra outdoor footage in Beauce, Quebec and some piano shots at Studio Le Nid, in St-Adrien, QC — all of this in one weekend. When we got to our location in Beauce after a four hour drive, we realized the camera rental company had forgotten to give us the adaptor to run the Alexa camera on batteries instead of AC power. We had to find a generator and toss it on a Kubota truck to film anything outside. Did I mention it was raining? I also got our car stuck in the mud following the Kubota in the woods and had it to get it towed (in the rain). Anyway, video shoots are never easy so you just roll with the punches. The harder the shoot, the better the result, I like to think

— Geoffroy

Geoffroy’s 1952 will be released November 1 via Bonsound.

(Photo Credit: William Arcand)

Montreal-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Geoffroy makes a point, in both life and music, to weave a tale with his words; one that asks audiences to dig deep.

Following his EP Soaked In Gold (2015), Geoffroy released his debut album Coastline in March 2017, earning critical and commercial success while the album landed on the Polaris Music Prize long list and garnered 25 million streams.

In the two years since Coastline, Geoffroy and his band experienced a groundswell of support in Quebec, culminating in a sold-out headlining show at Montreal’s MTelus (FKA Metropolis). They toured 1000-2000 capacity venues in Europe with Fakear and Møme, and also started to write the next album. Audiences in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, and Germany grew organically and showed enthusiasm for the Montrealer’s music. His single “Sleeping on My Own” was a big sensation, racking up over eight million streams on Spotify.

(Photo Credit: Alex Dozois)