In Conversation: Mary Timony (Helium, Ex Hex) Talks With Quattracenta’s Sarah Matas

The fiery frontpeople compare notes on killer careers.

Late last month, legendary singer-songwriter-guitarist Mary Timony—best known for her work in the band Helium, as well as Wild Flag and Ex Hex—connected with Sarah Matas of the Baltimore band Quattracenta—heirs to the Helium throne, in some respects. The sit-down was virtual, of course, and the two friends spoke about a lot of things, including the recent 20th anniversary reissue of Timony’s solo debut Mountains and Quattracenta’s second album, the J. Robbins-produced II. Delight in the entire conversation below.
—Josh Modell, Talkhouse Executive Editor

Mary Timony is the lead singer and guitarist for Helium and Ex Hex and previously played in Wild Flag. Ends With And collects Helium’s singles and compilation tracks and is available now from Matador. Catch Mary on tour playing Helium this summer and follow her on Twitter. (Photo by James Smolka.)