Harmony Korine (The Beach Bum) Talks with Caveh Zahedi for the Talkhouse Podcast

To celebrate the release of his new film, Korine sits down with a fellow cinematic iconoclast he used to call up at 3 a.m. It’s a trip!

On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Podcast, we feature a conversation between two of the most distinctive and original voices in American cinema: Harmony Korine and Caveh Zahedi. The two got together in New York City in advance of the release of Korine’s new movie, The Beach Bum, a wild Florida-set fantasia about cosmic poet Moondog, starring Matthew McConaughey, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg, Jonah Hill, Martin Lawrence, Zac Efron and Jimmy Buffett. Korine and Zahedi, who used to be phone buddies years back, discuss seemingly everything under the sun, from The Beach Bum as an autobiographical portrait, to the art of parenting, to Korine’s recipe for joy – plus, Rimbaud vs. Rambo, the awesome thing about Bob Dylan playing minor league baseball grounds, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Hemingway’s six-toed cats, how Zahedi’s web series The Show about the Show kinda led to his divorce, and much, much more. For more filmmakers musicians in conversation, visit Talkhouse at talkhouse.com and subscribe now to stay in the loop on future episodes of the Talkhouse Podcast.

Episode recorded by Elia Einhorn, and recorded and co-produced by Mark Yoshizumi at Hook & Fade Studios in Brooklyn. The Talkhouse podcast producer is Elia Einhorn.

Caveh Zahedi is an autobiographical filmmaker whose body of work attempts to tell the story of his life as it unfolds. His latest project is the daily podcast 365 Stories I Want To Tell You Before We Both Die. He is also working on the third season of The Show About the Show, a BRIC TV series in which every episode is about the making of the previous episode. His feature-length films include The Sheik and I (2012), I Am A Sex Addict (2005), In The Bathtub of the World (2001), I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore (1994), and A Little Stiff (1991). His short films and other series include Getting Stoned with Caveh, Bob Dylan Hates Me, Tripping with Caveh, and I Was Possessed by God. A box set of his films is available from Factory 25.