Future Islands Talk with Dan Deacon on the Talkhouse Podcast

The two Baltimore acts chop it up about COVID, songwriting, and sports jazz.

In this week’s Talkhouse Podcast, we hear from old friends Dan Deacon and the members of Future Islands. Both came up in the super fertile Baltimore scene, and both released new albums in 2020. Future Islands asked Deacon to remix their recent track “For Sure,” and he took it to epic new heights, which they discuss on this chat—along with the reality of staying home during the pandemic, what their writing/road-testing/recording processes are like, and a brand new genre that they hope to create when this is all over. Sports Jazz! Enjoy.

This episode was produced by Kevin O’Connell. The Talkhouse Podcast theme was composed and performed by The Range.

(Feature Photo Credit: left, Justin Flythe; right, Phil Kilne; Edited by: Keenan Kush)

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