Episode 294- The Antagonists with guests Lukah and Real Bad Man

We here at Dad Bod Rap Pod like nothing more than when an established artist takes a big swing, and makes an ambitious record outside of their comfort zone. That is certainly the circumstance that our guests this week find themselves in. For their first collaborative project, entitled Temple Needs Water Village Needs Peace, Memphis rapper Lukah and LA-based producer Real Bad Man have cooked up a compelling exploration of history and myth. The album, out March 29th, with some exclusive snippets debuting here, exists in its own unique sonic landscape, and Lukah brings his storytelling prowess to the forefront. We’re excited about this swerve in direction from two artists we have interviewed before and whose work we admire. We also spend a few minutes with RBM breaking down last year’s Serpent album with Kool Keith, an unexpected late-career triumph for the artist formerly known as Rhythm X. In the intro segment, hosts Nate LeBlanc, David Ma and Demone Carter name some of their favorite one MC + one producer albums and after the interview, we get into some of our least favorite of those kind of projects, something we talk about about often but don’t usually record.

Our theme song was produced by the homie Cutso and rapped by DEM ONE.

This episode was mixed by Taylor Weng.

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