Episode 293- Ego Game with guest Brother J of X Clan

This week’s Dad Bod Rap Pod episode revolves around the under-discussed golden era rap group X Clan and contains an insightful interview with the group’s leader, Brother J. The Grand Verbalizer is a contemporary of groups like The Jungle Brothers but has had a different career path, as he has balanced music-making with deeply involved community work for decades. In the intro segment DBRP hosts Demone Carter, David Ma and Nate LeBlanc reflect on their fandom of X Clan and Brother J’s later project Dark Sun Riders. Next up we have a slightly-longer-than usual interview where Brother J gives us a Funkin’ Lesson on his approach, his rhyme style, his time providing security for public speakers, and what he has been up to lately.


Our theme song is rapped by DEM ONE over a beat by friend of the program Cutso.


This episode was edited by Taylor Weng and we appreciate her assistance.


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