Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) Talks with Jackie Chan (The Foreigner) for the Talkhouse Podcast

The director of Baby Driver and Shaun of the Dead sits down for a chat with one of his cinematic heroes.

On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Podcast, Baby Driver‘s writer-director Edgar Wright sits down for a chat with the legendary actor, martial arts star and director Jackie Chan, whose latest film, The Foreigner, is in theaters from this Friday. A self-professed “fanboy” of Chan’s work, Wright talks with him about his game-changing films Police Story and Project A; making it in Hollywood on his own terms; how he approached doing some of his death-defying stunts (and fearing ghosts were trying to kill him!); his transition from action star to actor, being on set with James Cameron; receiving a special Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards; and much more. For more filmmakers talking film and TV, visit Talkhouse Film at talkhouse.com/film. Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher to stay in the loop about future Talkhouse Podcasts.

The music featured in the podcast is as follows:
1. Intro / outro underscore: “Plastic Man vs. The Giant Red Phase Of The Sun” – Iced Ink

Episode engineered by Gideon Brower and edited by Mark Yoshizumi. The Talkhouse podcast producer is Elia Einhorn.

Writer-director Edgar Wright‘s latest film, the documentary The Sparks Brothers, is in theaters through Focus Features from June 18. Wright first made his mark in the late 1990s with the British TV comedy series Spaced, written by Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg, and starring Hynes, Pegg and Nick Frost. Wright reteamed with Pegg and Frost on his 2004 breakthrough feature, the international smash hit zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead, and also on the two subsequent parts of the “Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy,” Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World’s End (2013), both of which were also big hits. Wright co-wrote and directed the star-studded Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and wrote and directed the 2017 critical and commercial hit, Baby Driver, an action thriller starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx. He lives in Los Angeles. (Photo by Adrienne Pitts.)