18 | Voice: What It Is And How To Find It

Some of Hollywood’s greatest writers are known for their “voice” – Nora Ephron’s witty female leads. Aaron Sorkin’s talky, moving monologues. Charlie Kaufman’s mind-bending, sardonic humor.

But what IS voice? Is voice something that we need to be taught, or is it something that we already have? How do we HONE our voice? Meg and Lorien answer all of these questions and more!

PLUS: Producer Jeff is taking a terrifying leap into his own lava and inviting you all to join. 

On Sun, Oct 25 @ 3p PT, he will be conducting a live, virtual table read of his own script he plans to direct with producers, his DP, a group of great LA-Based actors, and many many people watching. If you’d like to join, please RSVP: [email protected]. By RSVP-ing, you’ll be getting a ZOOM link to join the many viewers, and a copy of the pre-pro script in it’s current form. As we discussed on the show, notes aren’t nessecary, but they are very welcome!