This is the ‘season finale’ of the first 6 month run of Drifter’s Sympathy.

We’ve already covered that there’s inevitably a moment in the ‘hero’s journey’ where one doesn’t know what they’re doing anymore and has lost all sense of safety and direction. This cast is about the stage beyond that where the joke goes too far and one isn’t taking death or life seriously. Its a void that a lot of people don’t return from. Something needs to eventually peel away the callousness, alleviate the pain and/or cease the addictions that fuel our urge to swim down to the bottom of a very viscous and dangerous swamp where we test fate by living without any of the elements that actually sustain life. A new sensitivity and reason for being need to finally emerge.

Until that alleviation, this realm offers a dare symbolized in some mythologies as a kind of Satanic contract… …to live on the other side of sanity and health for as long as you can while laughing at the imminent destruction that’s coming straight at you.

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