Talkhouse DIY Presents: A Celebration of Thirty Years of David Bowie’s Labyrinth

Tickets are going fast.

Right before Christmas 2015, Talkhouse marketing director Dave Lucas and I heard a song over the office speakers that sounded vaguely like “As the World Falls Down,” from the David Bowie 1986 cult classic, Labyrinth. Dave opined that he would love to cover that song and I suggested, “Why don’t we just throw a show during which bands cover ALL the songs from the Labyrinth?”

A month or so later and the song that inspired our Labyrinth tribute show was lost to memory, but our idea came to fruition when we announced on January 8 (David Bowie’s birthday) that we would be throwing “Dance Magic: A Celebration of Thirty Years of the Labyrinth” at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, New York. A few days later… well, we all know what happened a few days later. We considered canceling the show out of respect for Bowie’s passing, but, in the end, the number of people who wanted to come out and pay their respects to the legend (and his codpiece) was overwhelming.

And so, with great pleasure, I would like to invite you to celebrate Bowie and his (arguably) most famous film role this coming Saturday (May 21) at Shea (20 Meadow Street). An amazing roster of bands will be covering songs from the movie as well as Bowie’s hits, and there will be more than a few surprises. Tickets are going extremely fast, so snag yours today and get ready to dance magic. Full details and lineup are below.
– Brenna Ehrlich, managing editor of the Talkhouse Music


Jen Goma (A Sunny Day in Glasgow / Show TIme)
Narc Twain (Tommy Siegel of Jukebox the Ghost)
Miracles Of Modern Science
Fashion Brigade
Total Slacker
Religia (DJ Set)
Violet Sands
& Best Behavior

What: A performance of the Labyrinth soundtrack and other Bowie hits.

Where: Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St., Brooklyn, New York)

When: May, 21, doors at 8 p.m.

Why: Why not?

How: (Dance) magic.