Whitmer Thomas

Whitmer Thomas is a comedian, actor, and filmmaker from Gulf Shores, Alabama. His new comedy film, The Civil Dead, which he co-wrote, co-produced and co-stars in with his writing partner/best friend Clay Tatum (who also directed), is now in theaters. His special Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One was released on HBO in 2020, produced by Bo Burnham, Chris Storer, and A24, and was directed by Thomas and Clay Tatum. Thomas and Tatum developed their filmmaking skills making shorts for their long-running monthly residency at the Satellite in Silverlake called PowerViolence, which has now been taken over by Whitmer Thomas & Pals at Largo, featuring some of the biggest names in comedy performing today. Thomas and Tatum co-produced, voiced, and wrote the ADHD animated series Stone Quackers on FXX (now available on Hulu), featuring John C. Reilly. Following the premiere of his special on HBO, SubPop Records released its original music, Songs from The Golden One, on their imprint label Hardly Art in stores April 2020. The show has been performed to sold out venues in NYC, LA, Philly, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland. Thomas’ sophomore album The Older I Get the Funnier I Was was released by Hardly Art Records in fall 2022.


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Three Great Things: Whitmer Thomas

By Whitmer Thomas | February 8, 2023

Three Great Things: Whitmer Thomas

The comedian, actor and musician, who's currently starring in The Civil Dead, on hometown Alabama, deep dives and casinos.