Vundabar is a great guitar band. In an age where critics argue endlessly over whether or not the guitar is dead, the Boston band could clearly care less. Trends be damned, Vundabar continue to play and be who they are. Along the way they’ve sold out 1000+ cap rooms across the country, self-released and sold thousands of their records, and built a dedicated fan base for their quirky indie pop that follows them wherever they go.
In March, Vundabar will release their fourth album, Either Light, on their own Gawk Records. For the album, Vundabar (Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald) worked with producer Patrick Hyland (producer for Mitski‘s Be the Cowboy, Puberty 2, Bury Me at Makeout Creek). It makes the first time they have ever had someone produce one of their albums. Their original bass player, Zackery Abramo, re-joined the group to play on the record, and Emily Massey from Slow Pulp contributed backing vocals. Recorded at Gradwell House and Retro City Studios, Vundabar came in with the song skeletons and built out the arrangements in the studio. The difference is apparent and there are a host of new sounds on Either Light, including a sequencer, vibraphone, synth, drum machines, and more layered vocals than ever before.
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Introducing: Vundabar’s “Montage Music”

By Vundabar | February 26, 2020

Introducing: Vundabar’s “Montage Music”

A track premiere from the Boston band, plus an essay on cars and Tony Soprano by frontman Brandon Hagen.