Tyler Pope

Tyler Pope’s latest EP is an absolute belter, and the primary concern these four tracks are asking of you is right up front: Pay Attention to the Bass. And, honestly, with a sense low-end like what’s on display here, how could you not? This new release from Pope — a dance veteran who’s also known as a full-time member of LCD Soundsystem as well as a collaborator with artists like Hercules & Love Affair and Pantha Du Prince — arrives on his always eclectic Interference Pattern label, an imprint that has previously spanned left-field electronic sounds, noise rock, and avant-R&B. As such, Pay Attention to the Bass is anything but straightforward, with ricocheting rhythms and alluring textures that are as easy to get lost in as they are to move your body to.


Introducing: Tyler Pope’s “Why Must I”

By Tyler Pope | October 30, 2023

Introducing: Tyler Pope’s “Why Must I”

The LCD Soundsystem bassist shares a new solo track.