Swimming With Bears

On their new self-titled EP, Swimming With Bears deliver a batch of five songs that showcase the next chapter as a band: truth and escapism. But beneath the vulnerability and personal lyrics are upbeat and fun tracks that everyone can relate to.

The self-titled EP due out later this year via Cinematic Records, marks a period of major growth for Swimming With Bears, who spent the better part of the last few years honing there craft in the writing room as well as on tour, highlighted by press like Nylon who praised them as “Swimming With Bears knows this and turned it into a glistening alt. rock anthem. Oh la la, indeed.” In bringing the new EP to life, they worked closely with producer Ryan Hadlock (produced for Lumineers, Vance Joy), immersing themselves in a more thorough recording process than they ever attempted before.

As a result of the new project, Swimming with Bears created a new genre they like to call “Pop N Roll” that is a little bit of Indie rock, a little bit of pop and always a damn good time.


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Gig Economy: Swimming With Bears

By Swimming With Bears | September 26, 2019

Gig Economy: Swimming With Bears

Singer-bassist Joe Perry (not that one) talks about keeping your focus in the face of crappy jobs.