Spencer T. Folmar

Director and producer Spencer T. Folmar grew up in Central Pennsylvania in Clearfield. His time there brewed a passion and love for the area. Though he is based in Los Angeles, California, he attempts to pay homage to his home state when he can. He sees his latest film, Shooting Heroin, out on VOD April 3, as a way to help raise awareness of the opioid epidemic that is ravaging not only his home community, but others around the United States. Folmar is a member of the Producers Guild and Directors Guild of America, has directed four feature films, and has produced seven. His love for filmmaking and tackling real-world issues can be seen in the types of films and projects he has worked on. Folmar also has a passion for training and equipping the next generation of storytellers through his company Veritas Arts, which owns and operates a movie theater, and runs an international film festival.


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Telling Stories That Liberate

By Spencer T. Folmar | April 3, 2020

Telling Stories That Liberate

Shooting Heroin writer-director Spencer T. Folmar on why his movies never shy away from tackling challenging topics.