Sonny Falls

Sonny Falls is the songwriting project of Chicago DIY veteran Ryan “Hoagie Wesley” Ensley. Hoagie’s writing gives voice to a depleted notion of modern Americana saturated by fortuneless upbringing, tragic devotion, and the untold losses of the opioid epidemic. These themes recur honestly and without pretension in his writing; erected as dark windows into the soul of songs that nonetheless break glass to let the sunshine in. With a graceful balance of honest guitar rock and soulful self-expression, Sonny Falls is a special kind of timeless indie rock.

(Photo Credit: Emma Bilyeu)


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Introducing: Sonny Falls’ “Plasma Kids”

By Sonny Falls | September 23, 2020

Introducing: Sonny Falls’ “Plasma Kids”

A new music video from the Chicago band, plus some words on it by bandmember Alex Reindl.