Serena Dykman

Serena Dykman is a New York-based filmmaker, and the founder and president of Dyamant Pictures. A graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she has won her over 40 awards in the past three years for her work, which ranges from comedy to drama and documentary. Serena’s first feature film, Nana, is a transgenerational documentary about her grandmother, Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant, an Auschwitz survivor and activist for tolerance. Nana is being released theatrically by First Run Features from April 13 at Cinema Village in New York. Find out more about her at her official site.


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On Being a Millennial Making a Holocaust Film

By Serena Dykman | April 11, 2018

On Being a Millennial Making a Holocaust Film

Serena Dykman shares her experiences making her directorial debut, Nana, which is released this week.